MB Tree Surgeon And Landscapes.

Tree Felling

There may be occasions when a tree needs to be removed (felled) for safety reasons or to help reduce overcrowding in wooded areas. Safety reasons may include removal needed due to infection, rot, or if the tree is leaning dangerously near to cables, highways or rail tracks. Tree removal is a broad term that includes many of the more specific tree maintenance services that we provide. Tree felling is one of those services and can be a safety concern if done incorrectly, it’s something that should always be done by certified professionals

Tree Felling Management

There are many factors that affect tree felling, one of the main aspects is whether there are major obstacles in the area (overhead lines, roads, buildings) and if the area is accessible to the public. Our felling management takes into consideration the plants and animals that live in the locality of the tree(s) to be felled to ensure as least disruption as possible. Tree felling done by MB Tree Surgeon And Landscapes ensures that our professional staff members will be able to protect the trees surrounding. If the tree were to fall in an unplanned direction, it could cause damage to other trees, as well as your home and surrounding structures.

Tree Felling Services

We will visit your property to evaluate the area and trees that need felling to ensure a safe and efficient removal. Our professional tree surgeons will then arrange a convenient time to come and remove your unwanted tree. Work is carried out felling the tree either from the base or by sectioning it, dependant on the size and area of your garden.